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The Full Story

Back then farming was partly our way to fulfill our daily meal.

Our parents use to wake us up in the weekends to help held a hand on the farm. As kids it was really fun and exciting running and grabbing vegetables. It felt like a "large playground" or like a competition to see who's faster.

As time passed, we got older and as teenager it felt like we deviated from our roots, in search for things the world had to offer. Students that we were blinded by building our career, resulted in neglectance of providing a helping hand on the farm

One of us was working at a fine dine restaurant where they use "micro-greens" to garnish their plates. Something about these small vegetables caught our minds and we began doing research and exploring with micro greens seeds. It felt good when you see how beautiful these can grow. Quickly it became our hobby.
During our research we found out that these greens weren't only good for garnish culinary plates but it was more of a power plant. That just made things more interested!

One day we came with a brilliant idea of helping our parents by selling micro greens. Every penny we made we invested it in different ways to automate the farm and make it less heavy for our parents.

As we continued doing researches, we began getting more consciousness about sustainability and we got more aware of how many GMO products are now on the market.

This is when we came with the idea of, not only to sell good products,  but also the idea of teaching our locals what they are consuming and encourage them to appreciate our local agriculture.

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